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R. L. Stine

Dear Reader:

You probably agree with me that there just isn't enough fear in the world. The hair-raising screams, the chills down the back, the chattering teeth, the cold shudders, the—may I say it?— goosebumps, the choked gasps of sheer horror— where are they coming from?

Yes, of course. From the news every day. But I'm talking about the good kind of fear— the fiction kind.

With Halloween approaching, I'm proud to have helped spread fear in the world. I compiled the ITW young adult story collection, appropriately named FEAR. Now, by telling people about this book— or even buying a few copies for Halloween — you will be helping to spread some fear, too.

I believe the 13 stories in this collection will bring that tingle of fear and trembling of the limbs we all enjoy. The stories are written by some of the most popular young adult authors of today, as well as several best-selling ITW members. 

Stephen Colbert is having a rally in Washington, DC, called "Keep the Fear Alive!" This should certainly be our motto, too. I hope you'll keep the fear alive by checking out FEAR.

Scary Best Wishes,
R.L. Stine  

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Fear / R. L. Stine / Penguin Speak

Paperback - Price: $7.99 / ISBN: 978-0142417744 / Published: September, 2010

Hardcover - Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0525421689 / Published: September, 2010

Ages 12+ / Anthology

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