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Linda Booth Sweeney

Dear Reader:

Our children today are growing up in a world with the understanding that "everything is connected to everything else."  My ten year old reminds me that the kind of car I drive will affect the health of polar bears in the Arctic. My son can't see the connection between my car and the polar bear.   He has to imagine the bear, my car, the atmosphere and more as all connected, and part of a "living system."  

I adapted the 12 folktales in CONNECTED WISDOM to entertain young readers but also to encourage a new kind of literacy — systems literacy.   When we're literate about systems, we learn to "connect the dots," to look at not just the parts but at interrelationships and patterns when we're faced with complex issues.  

When our children learn to see systems, they remember that their world is a tightly woven web of people, places, events and nature, and as such, is indeed meaningful.

Want a peek?  Email me at for the chance to win a signed copy.

Here's to connecting,
Linda Booth Sweeney

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CONNECTED WISDOM book notes: Click here (PDF)

Winner in the children's audio book category and received honorable mention at this month's New York Book Festival:

PS:  I collaborated with the truly talented children's singer, Courtney Campbell, on a CONNECTED WISDOM CD.  This month, the CD won at the San Francisco Green Book Festival in the children's audiobook division! Check it out here.

"Artfully, beautifully, playfully, seriously, clearly Linda Booth Sweeney invites us to join her in a deeper understanding of the profound principles of living systems. Tapping wisdom connected to many cultures and many times, Linda weaves memorable simple stories into a tapestry holding enormous complexity. A book that is at once a work of art, a representation of science, and an invitation to think more deeply and playfully, CONNECTED WISDOM is a gift. Whether the reader is six or sixty, it matters not. These pages open us more fully to the world around us." —Judy Sorum Brown, Senior Fellow, The James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership

"As our new century unfolds, it is becoming more and more evident that the major problems of our time are systemic problems, which means that they are all interconnected and interdependent. To solve them, we need to learn how to think systemically — in terms of relationships, patterns, processes, and context. In this book, Linda Booth Sweeney has assembled a wonderful collection of ancient folk tales and myths from around the world, which convey the profound "systemic wisdom" of peoples who lived close to nature and had a deep intuitive understanding of life's networks, cycles, and processes of transformation. I highly recommend CONNECTED WISDOM as a superb tool for teaching and learning the systemic thinking that is critical in our globally interconnected world." —Fritjof Capra, author, The Web of Life and The Hidden Connections

Connected Wisdom / Linda Booth Sweeney / SEED

Price: $24.95 / ISBN: 978-0982248010 / Published: June, 2011

Ages 9+ / Anthology

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