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Heather Terrell

Dear Reader:

Ever wondered whether vampires truly exist in our world, or whether there is a different, otherworldly explanation for the legend of the vampire? Maybe an explanation that involves angels?

Recently, I came across a little-known, ancient Biblical text that really got me thinking about this question. It described how angels were sent to help mankind, but instead, fell in love with humans and had children with them; God was so furious that he banished the angels to earth until the end of time when the "Elect One" would come to judge. What if these banished angels – fallen angels – really did walk the earth, and what if their presence explained the legend of the vampire?  The link between the legends of fallen angels and vampires was born, in my mind anyway.  And from that link sprung the FALLEN ANGEL tale of two otherworldly teens whose search for their true identities ignites an ancient battle between good and evil.

Kirkus Reviews said FALLEN ANGEL is not "another run-of-the-mill supernatural romance." Read it and let me know if you agree. Enter to win a signed copy by emailing me at

Ethereally yours,
Heather Terrell

Fallen Angel / Heather Terrell / HarperTeen

Price: $8.99 / ISBN: 978-0061965708 / Published: December, 2010

Ages 12+ / Young Adult

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