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Tim Tingle

Dear Reader:

I always knew my family was Choctaw, but as a child I never understood that we were Indians. The movies and books about Indians showed Indians on horseback. My family drove cars and pickup trucks. Movie Indians lived in teepees. We lived in modern houses. Indians in books and on television hunted with bows and arrows. My father and my uncles hunted, too, with shotguns, but mostly they fished. They kept my grandmother's freezer filled with fish from Galveston Bay.

Were we real Indians? Yes. We still are real Indians, modern Indians.

Artist Karen Clarkson's rich and colorful paintings depict my family story: boarding school, Trail of Tears, even modern prejudices, these are all given breath. SALTYPIE is a story of family strength and the miracle of overcoming.

Email me at for a chance to win a signed copy of SALTYPIE.

Tim Tingle

Saltypie / Tim Tingle (author); Karen Clarkson (illustrator) / Cinco Puntos Press

Price: $17.95 / ISBN: 978-1933693675 / Published: June, 2010

Ages 5-12 / Picture Book

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