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B. J. Ward & Steven Kellogg

Dear Reader:

We are two old friends, B.J. Ward (an opera singer, comedienne and the voice of Velma on Scooby-Doo), and Steven Kellogg (a children's book illustrator and author), who had combined our love of kids, cats, and music in a book entitled FARTY MARTY. As the story opens Marty is in deep trouble, and his devoted young mistress Mary Jane is in despair. It seems that the sounds of Marty's odd-smelling output have created chaos during a show-and-tell session and it takes Mary Jane's voice tutor to discover that Marty's audio output can be re-programmed to produce an extraordinary range of spectacular music.

At the gala pet show, Marty found his true self as an entertainer, opening the show with fireworks, thrilling the crowd, and becoming an overnight success. Soon he is thrilling audiences around the world and, it is our hope, dear reader, that he will thrill you, too, and motivate you to develop your own unrecognized or suppressed talents.

"So the next time you're watching TV with your pet, and detect smells and noises...please...don't be upset! Be delighted if you hear a gurgle or tweet. You might have a gold mine asleep at your feet."

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B.J. Ward & Steven Kellogg

"Cat lovers finally have a counterpart to Walter the Farting Dog....the cheeky premise and the abundant silliness in Kellogg's over-the-top caricatures will keep kids laughing." —Publishers Weekly

Farty Marty / B.J. Ward & Steven Kellogg / Simon & Schuster

Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-1442439016 / Published: November, 2013

Ages 4-8 / Picture Book

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