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Jim Ware

Dear Reader:

If you like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, or The Chronicles of Narnia, you'll like THE STONE OF DESTINY. Based upon Irish/Celtic folklore, Grail legends, and stories drawn from the medieval "science" of alchemy, it's a tale about two kids whose search for solutions to pressing personal problems lead them into a series of adventures with giants, an enchantress, a dwarf-like race of people called the Fir-Bolg, a Stone of Power, and a tunnel that leads to another world.

I wrote THE STONE OF DESTINY for two reasons. First, I love fantasy, and I wanted to treat my readers to a rollicking good story. Second, I was hoping to invent a tale that illustrates the difference between faith and "magic" in other words, the difference between trust and a grab for power.

I am giving away ten signed copies of THE STONE OF DESTINY, picked from random entries. To enter, just drop me a line at

Blessings, and thanks for reading!
Jim Ware

The Stone of Destiny / Jim Ware / David C Cook

Price: $14.99 / ISBN: 978-1434764645 / Published: March, 2011

Ages 5+ / Juvenile Fiction Fantasy

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