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Rosemary Wells

Dear Reader:

Everybody knows Harry! Harry is a little gator with a Big Personal Space Problem. He bumps and he pushes and he makes loads of trouble in Miss Harmony's Kindergator Class.

But wait! Miss Harmony rings her Listen-Up bell. She calls Friendly Circle into Emergency session. The Kindergators themselves devise a nifty answer to Harry's problem. Everyone wins. Especially Harry.

"Kindergators" is going to be ten books. One outrageous behavior per book. The stories are downright funny and right on real. They're all about behavior, from melt-downs, to sharing, to telling the whole truth.

Teachers talk to me at the conferences I attend. I listen to their problems. I advocate for them, big-time. And I have learned their genius system of "Responsive Classroom" and put it into effect in this brand new series with ten bumpy, toothy, bright green characters. Kindergators!

I have a feeling you'll know who to hand-sell these to... Want a sneak peek? Email me c/o for a chance to win a signed copy.

Rosemary Wells

Hands Off, Harry! / Rosemary Wells / Katherine Tegen Books

Price: $14.99 / ISBN: 978-0061921124 / Published: June, 2011

Ages 4-8

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