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Pierre Winters

Dear Reader:

The children around me are the inspiration for everything I write; their behaviour and sparkling spontaneous reaction to so many situations is the base for a thousand stories. As I watch them, I see their gentle and soft sides, but also sometimes rougher, angrier sides. When we can get out the more gentle side of every child, their life will be easier, because their entourage, family and friends, will respond in the same way. As I thought about how parents wish for their children to learn about being polite, kind, and gracious say THANK YOU, say PLEASE! I thought: of course, a story can help to explain this.

Barbara Ortelli took part at the illustrator's contest and made for her entrance beautiful illustrations of a circus, a dream-circus. The illustrations and my lovely granddaughter were the inspiration for THANKYOUPLEASE. The circus became the dream of Nina, to teach her about kindness and good manners.

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Pierre Winters

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Thankyouplease / Pierre Winters & Barbara Ortelli (illustrator) / Clavis Books

Price: $15.95 / ISBN: 978-1605370996 / Published: June, 2011

Ages 4-8/ Picture Book

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