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What Is KidsBuzz?

KidsBuzz is a marketing service that puts childrens' and young adult authors directly in touch with readers, book clubs/groups, booksellers and librarians. Since 2009, we have provided the foremost opportunity for children's and teen book authors to make personal connections with their readers and offer extra perks to the people who buy, sell, read and recommend their books.

As an author, KidsBuzz is your marketing partner. We get your buzz out by partnering with successful online publications including,, School Library Journal, KidsBookClubbing, and

We work with fiction and non-fiction: board books, picture books, middle-grade and young adult -- and also adult book authors via AuthorBuzz. We also offer Ads Plus campaigns (see more below) as well as Facebook, Goodreads, and other online services depending on your budget and needs.

"I'm so glad I signed on. I wanted more people to know about Vincent and Theo and it really worked. Sales more than doubled for the month of December. Thank you so much, Deborah, for your help!" -Deborah Heiligman, author of Vincent and Theo: The Van Gogh Brothers
"Deborah was crucial to the successful launch of our Canticos books, exactly the right way to exactly the right folks.... Engaging Deborah was one of the smartest decisions we made early on, setting up Canticos for success out of the gate." -Susie Jaramillo, Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder, Encantos Media Studios
"I have utilized most of the options offered through KidsBuzz to promote my books and the response has been AMAZING.... the number of professionals (librarians and educators) who have responded has been particularly helpful because of their ability to reach the Young Adult community. The cost is absolutely reasonable for the various services. I would use KidsBuzz again and, in fact, have already lined up more of their promotions for my next book." — Kathy Berla, author of Beau & Bett and Ricochet

How KidsBuzz Works

As an author, you compose short notes, to booksellers & librarians, reviewers, bloggers and readers and leaders of bookclubs (when applicable). These can include any promotional information you choose, such as:
  • Links to websites, blogs and excerpts
  • Info on setting up phone chats or reading group visits
  • Materials for newsletters
  • Info about contests or giveaways
  • Mentions of new reviews and awards
  • Trailers or video interviews
... anything and everything authors and illustrators want to buzz directly to the people who buy, read and sell their books. We design the notes and send them out, along with the book cover and in some cases an author photo, via the newsletters or websites. The notes will also be featured for one week on the KidBuzz website and archived indefinitely.
"I've recently begun to work with Deborah Sloan and Company and had three of my books placed in KidsBuzz. Not only is Deborah a pleasure to work with, but KidsBuzz is a great way to get your books noticed. I'd recommend Deborah and KidsBuzz to anyone interested in marketing their books." — E.D. Baker, More Than A Princess, The Fairytale Matchmaker, Princess Before Dawn

How Ads Plus Works

We choose the right media for your budget - using a combination of top popular parenting, literary, entertainment, pop-culture - whatever's best targeted to YOUR book, Facebook, and Goodreads (the #1 online social community devoted to books - a tremendously targeted site) to a host of other online services. We will write, design and create the ads and then run and monitor them. Read more.

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"How can I promote my book directly to hundreds of thousands of readers and teachers and to thousands of book clubs, booksellers and librarians?"

Every author asks that question. Now, for the first time, there's a good answer - KidsBuzz

Who Gets Your Buzz: (Pro & Readers) reaches:
  • Over 76,000 in the trade including 4000 booksellers, 13,000 librarians, tens of 1000s of bloggers, media and other industry pros
  • Over 550,000 readers reaches:
  • Over 495,000 readers
  • 13,000 librarians
School Library Journal reaches:
  • More than 23,000 school librarians and media specialists via the Extra Helping and SLJ Teen e-newsletters
For ad campaigns - blogs and sites specific to your book - lists on request.

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