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(If your book is a new release we recommend the 8-week spread - booksellers and librarians get the buzz 6-8 weeks prior to publication and then readers and a second group of librarians get the buzz at publication. If the book is already available, we recommend sending all the buzz out at the same time.)

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"How can I promote my book directly to hundreds of thousands of readers and teachers and to thousands of book clubs, booksellers and librarians?"

Every author asks that question. Now, for the first time, there's a good answer - KidsBuzz

Who Gets Your Buzz: (Pro & Readers) reaches:
  • Over 76,000 in the trade including 4000 booksellers, 13,000 librarians, tens of 1000s of bloggers, media and other industry pros
  • Over 550,000 readers reaches:
  • Over 495,000 readers
  • 13,000 librarians
School Library Journal reaches:
  • More than 23,000 school librarians and media specialists via the Extra Helping and SLJ Teen e-newsletters
For ad campaigns - blogs and sites specific to your book - lists on request.

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